Wu-Tang: An American Saga

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Been sitting on this for a couple of weeks, but super excited to announce I’m joining the cast of Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Written by The RZA and Alex Tse and set to premiere on Hulu. It focuses on the story of the Wu-tang in Staten Island aka Shaolin during the early 90s. I’m blessed to play Divine, RZA’s older brother who later becomes the CEO of Wu-Tang Productions.

This production feels very serendipitous. My mother is from Staten Island not far from the Park Hill Projects where a chunk of this story takes place. I was raised in the Nation of Islam which the 5 Percent Nation is an offshoot of and learned the 120 lessons that many of the Wu members speak directly about. My father is an advent kung-fu nerd and we used to bound over old kung-fu and anime movies.

Thank you to my team at UTA: Allison Stroot and Ben Colman and my manager Laura Gibson. Stay posted for more information.



Yes the rumors are true: Network has been extended one final time! New block of tickets on sale up until June 7th. For my homies on the budget know that there are standing room available day off at the box office. Check us out: www.broadway.com/shows/network

Network Opening Night!

Opening night!!! Shout out to the DJ playing obscure Salsa and house music. Ended up like a summer barbeque, dancing, drinking, and family. Images by Caitlin McNaney/Broadway.com and Bruce Glikas/Walter McBride/Getty Images.

Broadway Debut with Network


Seriously, beyond grateful and excited to announce that I have officially joined the cast of Network. Directed by Ivo Von Hove and staring Bryan Cranston, Tatiana Maslany, and Tony Goldwyn; Network is following a very successful run with London’s The National.

Other Members of the cast include: Frank Wood, Joshua Boone, Alyssa Bresnahan, Ron Canada, Nick Wyman Barzin Akhavan, Jason Babinsky, Camila Cano-Flavia, Eric Chayefsky, Gina Daniels, Nicholas Guest, Joe Paulik, Susannah Perkins, Victoria Sendra, Henry Stram, Bill Timoney, Joseph Varca, Nicole Villamil (who killed it when she stared in Mud), and Jeena Yi.

So thankful to my team: manager Laura Gibson with Generate, and agent Ben Colman with UTA.

Previews start November 10th, officially opens December 6th, and yes I’m starting to memorize.

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