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Been sitting on this for a couple of weeks, but super excited to announce I’m joining the cast of Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Written by The RZA and Alex Tse and set to premiere on Hulu. It focuses on the story of the Wu-tang in Staten Island aka Shaolin during the early 90s. I’m blessed to play Divine, RZA’s older brother who later becomes the CEO of Wu-Tang Productions.

This production feels very serendipitous. My mother is from Staten Island not far from the Park Hill Projects where a chunk of this story takes place. I was raised in the Nation of Islam which the 5 Percent Nation is an offshoot of and learned the 120 lessons that many of the Wu members speak directly about. My father is an advent kung-fu nerd and we used to bound over old kung-fu and anime movies.

Thank you to my team at UTA: Allison Stroot and Ben Colman and my manager Laura Gibson. Stay posted for more information.